The World is Yours In This New Post-Covid Environment

We are 18 days into 2021. It is finally here and oh how this world has changed over the past 12 months. We all learned a lot from 2020. Most importantly how important our health and family are to us. Unfortantly…

When will it be alive again?

New York City has long been the center of the universe to many. Some call it the capital of the world. Why? Well to start it is the land of opportunity, a land of immigrants and people seeking to chase their dreams. Ellis Island…

North Shore of Long Island, NY

As 4th of July weekend comes to a close here in the USA during one of the most unprecedented years in recent times we still find ourselves asking where is the love? The Black Eyed Pea’s had the right idea when creating a song with that title years ago. Spreading…

Christopher George

I am a father, husband and knowledge seeker from Long Island,NY. I see the world as a beautiful place, with beautiful people, along with endless opportunities.

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